interior painting coloursMaybe you’re a homeowner who wants to restore some of the lost homeliness by refreshing the walls with a new coat of paint. Or perhaps you’re a landlord who wishes to boost his chances of finding new tenants. Regardless of your situation, the painters in Chelsea have the tools, skills, and passion to help you out with anything from plastering or repainting your walls & ceiling to diligently covering the former in wallpapers of your choice. All services are quote-based, so the specialists will work for as long as needed until they’ve met your demands from start to finish.

We Can Introduce Colour to Your Property in Many Different Ways

The seasoned tradesmen can provide you with a variety of small restoration services, depending on your needs. In case you don’t have a clearly defined decorative painting project in mind, we can send a skilled surveyor for a no-obligation survey to give you expert advice and assess the amount of work that needs doing.

And here’s a quick rundown of what we offer:

  • Interior painting: Repainting walls, ceilings, and woodwork in a colour of your choice. The service includes removal of all possessions from the treated area and moving of furniture, filling scratches, removing old paint, sealing edges with caulk, and other preliminary preparations. The experts may use a wide selection of solvent-based, water-based, and speciality paints based on the type of treated surface.
  • Wallpapering: Includes complete removal of previous wallpapering, paper lining of your walls and covering those with a new & stylish wallpaper of your choice.
  • Plastering: The professionals can either fix or completely replace old crumbling plaster on your walls and ceiling to restore their smooth surface


Count on Reliable Professionals with Many Years of Experience

We know that painting and decorating is a laborious task and that’s why we’ve focused on delivering services that help our customers in every way possible. That is why each and every specialist is fully equipped for the task when they arrive at your address.

They can also go shopping for paint and any extra materials for an additional cost. Besides that, we offer fast quotations and our wallpapering in Chelsea & all other services are suitable for a wide range of properties: houses, offices, schools, gyms, community centres, bars, and more!

Even the booking process is simplified for your convenience. Just give us a call or send us an email with some thoughts on what you want us to do and consider the job done. We can arrive for any day of the week you wish, as well as for bank holidays and after hours appointments.

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