Sometimes, a fresh set of tiles or laminate flooring is all you need to bring your property’s appeal to a whole new level. With over 10 years of experience and counting, we can readily supply you with a variety of services that can either bring back the shine of your existing flooring or create one from scratch. We always carry out an initial property survey to provide you with an accurate price estimation. And to ensure that all tasks, be it floor sanding or otherwise, are performed with the right tools, at the right time, and in accordance with your available budget.

What Type of Flooring Procedures Do We Do, Exactly?

wood floor sandingThe local experts are well equipped and acquainted with the art that is tile flooring. Depending on your preferences, we can transform the looks of your bathroom, kitchen, or just about any other room with ceramic, mosaic, quarry, porcelain tiles and more. For a more natural vibe, we can also assist you with the installation of hard & engineered wood, parquet, or laminate flooring. But that’s not all – the specialists can also make the most of your current flooring by providing a variety of additional services, such as our Chelsea floor sanding and:

  • Wood floor restoration: floor polishing, waxing, and sealing procedures;
  • Tile flooring maintenance: grouting and applying a waterproof sealant (optional).

We Make Your Experience Simple Every Step of the Way

For instance, we can arrive to do the job at literally any day and time – the professionals are happy to assist on workdays, weekdays, official holidays, and can even perform after hour appointments as long as you notify us in advance. We also strictly follow all UK and EU safety rules and regulations, all our work is fully insured, and we utilise the latest products and methods on the market to deliver floorings that will last you for decades on end.


To arrange a session, just let us know of the work you need done by either giving us a call or sending an email. A friendly representative will then help you choose a suitable service for your needs, which will be performed on a day and hour of your convenience.

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